The other day while visiting with family, I challenged my father  and mother to allow me to drive the car, he and mum agreed, on condition that daddy directed me as I attempted to back up the complex drive way. It was a daunting task, made all the more difficult because my father made sure I backed up out of the whole driveway and back in (all in reverse), before I packed the car to allow another vehicle to exit. Anyone who is still  a “LEARNER” (with a seven year old driver’s license and four hours in accumulated driving experience) will understand. Now before you imagine that I ran over a few cats and drove over the flower bed, pomp your imaginative breaks! I hacked it, but it certainly reminded me why I prefer to sit in the passenger’s seat.

One day, not too long ago, my father sent me a friend request- three or four so years ago to be exact… I mean, what was I to do, I certainly wasn’t going to ignore…may be I just needed to edit my Privacy Settings, and who could see what… u know, that kind of thing anyone in my shoes would do. Many updates and posted links to my wall later and my daddy still remains my Best Friend and biggest Fan (and I hope he knows I feel the same about him too). My father, like me, loves to question, to think widely, has an open mind and an adventurous spirit. It is plain to say that I love him very much!

As a child, my fondest and oldest memory of his first lessons was on how to ride a bike. I remember that he took the training wheels off the rear wheel and drove me to a nearby football field, bicycle in tow, and there he set me out on a ride to remember. Needless to say, I fell several times, I have the scars to show for it on my knees; my mother always assumed it was because I was an agile child. Yes, but there was a lot of motivation, my father encouraged us to play hard and read even harder. I remember the day I graduated with a First Class Honours in Design, trying to be modest I shied away from sharing the details on my wall. But along came my Father, May be I can find the post if I tried..

I am not writing this to gloat, just to acknowledge that my father’s efforts were not wasted. Today, my father or “Daddy” as I fondly call him, reads my every post and calls me when three days have passed, before my last update to Wall or Blog. Few fathers ever encourage their children to pursue a career in the Creative Industry, even less if their children happen to demonstrate strong Science and Math acumen. But my father was and still is among the few, so with his blessings, I have become a Professional Designer.

daddy mum n me

Every so often, we meet for a tête-à-tête, How’s business? How’s School? Where can I help? What have you eaten? Are you on track at work? I could go on.. but I know you get it. I value these conversations, they help me readjust my expectations and my evaluations about life. At the core of the message, he always stresses on remaining very positive and highly enthusiastic. Am glad to have a cheerleader in a father.

1. Stay Positive- be highly enthusiastic!

2. Work! But do not work yourself to the ground! Sleep 6 to 8 hours, eat every meal!

3. Thank the people who help you, thank them even if you have paid for the service.

4. Do not under any circumstance, allow anyone to take advantage of you, be cruel to you, or treat you like any less of a person! Because NOBODY is..!

5. Do not under rate yourself. “Charge a Premium Fee!”

6. And on a much lighter note, “Fake it till you make It” In a related story, while on vacation in Mombasa, I must have been four or six, my father was soo determined to prove that he could swim so he kept swinging his arms above the water, but moving quite slowly… I dipped my head under the water only to discover his feet on the pool floor – he was walking… but determined to appear to be swimming!

So on that note, I shall keep walking until I can cross the ocean- or at least a lake. I Love My Daddy! May the Lord add you many many more years that you may live to be a blessing to the next generation.

PS: Mum’s post is coming soon…



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