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Chunky Jewellery

I can’t tell you enough how much I love love chunky jewellery, it’s always therapeutic to make because all you do is scoop scoop and pull down for all of eight hours (at the very least). That’s my idea of therapy- work. Having already beaded a bunch of over 40 strung beads of mixed colour I separated  them into two bunches, spin them around as you would a braid and twisted them into form. It’s easier said than done. I used nylon thread(no. 2) to string the beads, so when I had all strings beaded to equal length (about 50cm long) I knotted them together, trimmed off the end right at the knot and burned them over low heat just to melt the edge into a ball (a stopper of sorts).

I found this wine corks lying around in the house and an idea was born, I needed a dramatic pendant for my chunky beaded necklace. Using a netting technique of bead weaving I covered the heads of the wine corks with glass seed beads. This link gives you a good idea on the “how-tos” of bead weaving.


To close the neckpiece I used a pair of conical mini bead stoppers. It should look like this (only cone shaped!)

Minibead stopper