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PAPER MACHE, It grows on You.

Second year of Design and my lecturer goes, lets work with paper mache, n we all go… yaiks. Turns out i really enjoyed my self. Anyway, this vase holds special sentimental value to me, aesthetics not withstanding. It was one of the first 3D objects I ever made and inspired me to specialize in Product Design, not that it was particularly groundbreaking, but that it was cool. There was literally hands on conceptualization, process and development . Any designer would appreciate that…DSC03705 I collected old scratchcards and hoarded them for years wondering what I would use them for, until this assignment.. Back then Kencell scrathcards were fresh n pink n plastic; Safaricom was bright n lime n plastic! Gradually, the companies rebranded and changed their colours to harsher darker reds and greens.. and stopped using plastic scratchcards, for the love of cost efficiency. But i always preferred their previous more vibrant colours we can vote on that later.

Anyway, this piece was inspired by a starfish. I made it from paper mache and used a plastic disposable glass as a mould. When the piece was almost dry,  I painted it with white acrylic ink and decorated it with my old scratchcards. It may have taken me three weeks working every night to put every piece in place. But the real lesson here was FOLLOW THROUGH! I don’t know to this day what score I may have earned but I know that the whole creation process taught me to diligently follow through, stubbornly ignore my own voice of condemnation and do something with those old things you have hoarded over time!